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You Can Count on Excellence in Customer Service from Specmo

Dealer Web Ordering

We have placed special emphasis toward the OEM Dealership community. Your authorized employees can place orders at their convenience so they aren't tied up on the phone. The site features advance exchange ordering for Instrument Clusters, Radios, Navigation Radios and Entertainment components for all makes of GM Vehicles for In Warranty and Out of Warranty transactions.

Additional features of the dealer web site include:

  • View all outstanding exchange cores and become alerted when cores  are beginning to age
  • View and print open invoices as well as your current account statements
  • Track Shipments via FedEx, UPS and DHL Tracking
  • Restricted parts Questionnaires will automatically display so they can be completed right on the site

You can purchase most GM Vehicle instrument clusters, radios and infotainment units from Specmo, new and refurbished for Crash, Fire, Theft, Flood or Lightning Strike. For new or refurbished purchases for upgrade or CFTF contact us at 1-800-545-7910 and ask for a radio or cluster purchase representative.


reflash v3 455x316 whitetop

reflash v3 455x316 whitetop


Upgrading Electronics to Current Factory Specifications

Often, electronic products do not need a complete refurbishment process on a unit, but rather just an upgrade to its firmware. Reflashing the firmware is a way to ensure that the device is in a known good state when it leaves us. Apparent mechanical issues are sometime nothing more than firmware related. By reflashing the device we attempt to mitigate any risk of a failure of the product whether the product has been refurbished or not.