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Getting You Back on the Road Quickly and Accurately

Not only do we repair and refurbish instrumentation and speedometers on most makes of foreign and domestic vehicles, we also convert Canadian instrumentation to U.S. standards. We install new appliques with numbers and icons for the American market that effectively convert your KM unit to a US/MK unit and recalibrate all gauges for the conversion.

All factory specifications will be met, and your odometer will be accurately set when calibrating your instrumentation. If Specmo does a conversion (km/h to mph) for a GM vehicle, we will upload that information to the GM Vehicle Information System (VIS) so your factory warranty is not voided. Non-factory authorized repair shops cannot do this.


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applique455x197 72 color w more white 2acrost


If you need a replacement applique for your instrument cluster, we have over a hundred varieties in stock and adding more each month. Designed and manufactured in-house to exacting standards. Call our customer service center with your make, model and year to see if we have what you need.  Depending upon quantities needed, we will custom design an applique to fit your needs.

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As an added service to our dealers, we also set odometers for the following vehicle manufacturer's instrumentation. Customers should call prior to sending in the unit to insure we have the correct software for their cluster.

GM ● Nissan ● Ford ● Kia ● Toyota ● Honda ● Volvo ● Hyundai ● Subaru ● Mazda ● Mitsubishi

 Many more makes are listed here


For more information on any of our services, please call: 
National Toll Free Hotline at (800) 545-7910