retail sales 1000 v3

retail sales 1000 v3


We Give You Options to Fit Your Budget  


When replacement is not an option for our customers because of cost constraints or time, we are able to fully repair a radio or instrumentation to whatever degree the customer requests. All repairs are backed by a limited 12-month warranty.

Our highly trained technical staff can trouble-shoot even the most difficult issues. Our team works closely with the manufacturing engineers who developed the product and our extensive inventory of factory parts allows us to repair radios or instrumentation clusters quickly.

We stock thousands of General Motors OEM radios and instrument clusters ready for same day shipment to any dealership. If, however, we don't have your unit in stock, Specmo can refurbish most defective units to like new condition using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to ensure electronics are refurbished properly and to factory specifications.

If you want to send your unit in to us for evaluation or repair, please call our Customer Service Department for instructions on how to package and send in your unit to us.

Unit Ship-In Form - Repair & Return



Walk-In's and Ship-In's Are Welcome            Unit Ship-In Form - Repair & Return

Our corporate headquarters in Madison Heights, Michigan can also service the general public for speedometer, cluster and radio parts, as well as speedometer and radio repairs. Either type of unit can be dropped off at our customer service department, or can be shipped in for repair or replacement. We do not do removals or installations at the corporate facility.

  • Specmo is an Authorized Factory Service facility in business for over 50 years
  • We can service or supply most General Motors radio and speedometer clusters and many radios from other auto manufacturers
  • State-of the-art diagnostic equipment ensures repairs to factory specifications
  • Access to factory Technical Service Bulletins for component level repairs
  • 24-48 hour turn-around on most units, or we can repair the same day if requested
  • OEM parts used, where still available, throughout our service process

radio techincal 2x 455

radio techincal 2x 455

Radio Service

Some of the leading radio manufacturers, including Delphi, LG Electronics, Clarion, Denso-Ten and Continental to mention only a few, have entrusted their repair needs to Specmo.

We have the latest test and repair equipment to diagnose the radio problems to the most demanding levels of repair. Our technicians have years of experience and skill to troubleshoot to the component level. We know when to update many of today’s radios to the latest hardware and software versions.

At Specmo, we only use new OEM parts when we refurbish or repair radio products.


Radio Refurbishing

When a customer chooses to have their radio refurbished, they will receive back their unit looking and functioning like brand new. All radio problems will be professionally repaired and any worn cosmetics will be replaced. The radio will then have a Specmo 12 month warranty and the customer will have all the protection they would get with a newly purchased product. For example; if a radio is brought in to us to be refurbished and any new problems occur within 12 months, the customer can return the radio to Specmo for repair free of charge. Only shipping charges will be incurred.


Radio Repair

Customers who would prefer to keep their repair bill as small as possible will request for us to only repair the initial problem with the radio.

AM/FM Radio repairs start at $99 plus parts.

AM/FM CD or Touchscreen (Non-Navigation Unit) repairs start at $120 plus parts.

Navigation radio repair pricing varies too broadly.  Unit must be shipped in for an accurate estimate. Call our Customer Service Department for instructions on how to package and send in your unit to us.

Also, we will notify the customer when a newer software version is available and discuss their options. Nothing will ever be done to a radio without the customer’s full consent and expectations.


Specmo Enterprises can service your needs for the following GM-Family vehicle components:

  • Radios & XM Satellite Receivers
  • HMI Control Modules
  • Radio Display Assemblies
  • Radio/ HVAC Control Faceplates
  • CD / DVD Players
  • DVD Displays (Overhead & Headrests)
  • Navigation Discs
  • Instrument Clusters
  • DIC Displays
  • HUDs
  • DRACs/ DRABs
  • Select Cluster Lenses & Radio Piece Parts

We also service many non-GM electronic components.  Call our toll-free customer service line at 1-800-545-7910 for product availability and repair pricing.

Acura Alpine ● Audi  ● Chrysler Clarion  ● Daewoo Delphi Dodge ● Ford  ● Geo GM ● Honda ● Hyundai ● Infiniti Isuzu ● Jaguar (Most) ● Jeep JVC ● Kenwood Kia ● Lexus ● Lincoln ● LG GM ● LG Hyundai ● Mazda ● Mercury ● Mitsubishi ● Nissan ● Panasonic ● Pioneer ● Plymouth ● Saturn ● Scion ● Sony ● Subaru ● Suzuki ● Toyota ● Volkswagen ● Volvo

radio dark 2x

radio dark 2x

Infotainment Service

We stock GM infotainment units, ready for same day shipment to your dealership. If, however, we don't have your unit in stock, Specmo can refurbish most defective units to like new condition and all factory specifications will be met.

If you need assistance in ordering your infotainment unit (DVD player, flip screen, combination unit), you can call our National Toll Free Hotline at (800) 545-7910.


parts 455x197 72 2xt

parts 455x197 72 2xt

Service Parts

We stock thousands of parts for thousands of different clusters and radios. Call or email us for a part quote and availability. We typically will ship the same day or you are welcome to visit our Customer Service pick-up and drop-off location at our corporate office.

conversion 455x197 72

conversion 455x197 72

Instrument Clusters

Both dealerships and the general public can ship their defective cluster to us for Repair & Return, or bring them to our customer service location in Madison Heights, Michigan for repair. We offer a 24-48 hour turn-around or we can repair the same day if requested on units brought in over-the-counter.

Specmo uses state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed for refurbishing by the supplier to load updated firmware and calibrate instrumentation clusters to factory specifications.

Many more vehicle makes are listed here


applique455x197 72 color 2acrost

applique455x197 72 color 2acrost

Cluster Appliques

If you need a replacement applique for your instrument cluster, we have over a hundred varieties in stock and adding more each month. Designed and manufactured in-house to exacting standards. Call our customer service center with your make, model and year to see if we have what you need.  Depending upon quantities needed, we will custom design an applique to fit your needs.

More Cluster Applique information


odometer setting 2x

odometer setting 2x

Odometer Setting

As an added service to our dealers, we also set odometers for the following vehicle manufacturer's instrumentation.(Customers should call prior to sending in the unit to insure we have the correct software for their cluster).

GM ● Ford ● Toyota ● Honda ● Volvo ● Bentley ● Kia ● Mazda● Mitsubishi ● Nissan ● Hyundai

Many more vehicle makes are listed here




Specmo can service almost all types of automotive instrumentation and audio components.  Many more vehicle makes are listed here

NOTE:  Customers should note that many newer vehicle electronic components will require dealer set-up and programming when being reinstalled into the vehicle.  Not visiting a dealership for this service may lock up your unit and a new customer pay exchange unit might be required. You may call your local dealership or call Specmo and ask to speak to a Technician to verify if programming is needed.