remanufacturing v2

remanufacturing v2


Extending the Life of OEM Electronics

Refurbishing makes an economic payout to an OEM or end-user in that it recaptures value added for the cost of labor, energy, and manufacturing operations that are in addition to the cost of raw materials to manufacture the product.

When a product is repaired, only defective parts are diagnosed and replaced. Refurbished products differ in that parts subject to degradation affecting the performance that are not deemed defective may be replaced to bring a unit back up to original OEM standards and to help better avoid future defects.

For over 45 years, Specmo has been partnering with OEMs and their vendors to provide a complete remanufacturing solution for automotive instrumentation & displays and audio/navigation equipment.

The advantages of refurbishing are numerous. Each product is diagnosed, disassembled, repaired to full OEM specifications, reassembled, certified and calibrated.  



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