distributionand kitting 1000 v3

distributionand kitting 1000 v3


Warehousing and Shipping Your Products

When remanufacturing is not an option for an OEM, we have the ability to warehouse and distribute new product to their dealer network or to any facility they select. Acting as a proxy for a vendor to a OEMs network of dealers or specialty distribution points is something we do every day.

Product is tracked using in-house custom written barcoded software. Reporting frequency and formats can be generated to the OEMs specifications. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Specmo has become a distribution facility for a few OEM’s, where we house the instrumentation unit for the OEM. The dealership orders the unit from Specmo, we set the odometer on the new unit and mail it out to the dealership. 

This significantly limits a customer’s time in a rental car, when previously the dealership had to order the unit from the PDC, ship it to the dealership, the dealership ships it to Specmo, Specmo sets the odometer and then Specmo ships it back to the dealership.

Let us warehouse and distribute your product and save your customer’s valuable vehicle down time.




Reducing Material Handling for Improved Production

Specmo can also provide product kitting services where you may have separate but related items that need to be grouped, packaged, labeled and supplied together as one unit. This method can offer a high rate of savings in fulfillment costs to you.

We can warehouse your individual components and supply kits to you on a schedule per your needs, or we can do ad-hoc kits with parts supplied to us as required for a just-in-time model. Flexibility in scheduling is always an asset.