As a service driven company, our primary goal is to provide excellent customer service to our most important asset, our valued customers. With that goal in mind, we carefully select the best and brightest people we can find and through intense and continuous training, mold them into the most knowledgeable and product savvy Customer Service Representatives in this industry. You will find these friendly and helpful service experts in our Call Centers, our Pickup & Delivery Departments, at our Service Counters as well as in all related internal operations at all our locations.

Our good service begins with our method of answering our phones. Whether you are calling to order product, to get price and availability of product, to obtain technical assistance or to compliment or even to complain about our goods or services, your call will always be cheerfully answered by one of our customer service specialists. We don’t like the aggravation of cumbersome and time consuming call answering menus so we don’t subject our customer’s to them either. You can count on speaking with a person when you call, one who will strive to help you or redirect you to someone who can.