repair & return transactions For Non-GM customers or when products are unavailable for pre-exchange, you may ship units to us for repair and return. We make every effort to have such units turned around and shipped back to you within 24 hours. Only parts shortages (usually national backorders) will prevent turnaround in this time-frame. For the best possible service with the fewest problems you should:

  • Carefully package each unit in a separate sturdy box. Use plenty of packing material (soft foam or bubble wrap type if possible) since most of the products we handle are fragile and will break unless they are generously cushioned against the rigors of shipping.
  • If you are a GM facility and the repair is covered by factory warranty, then please call our national Toll Free number first to establish a warranty order #. Non-warranty items should be accompanied by a purchase order.
  • Provide us with your complete shipping and mailing addresses, your phone number, and the name of a contact person in the event we need to call you about your repair. It is very helpful and can expedite repairs if you note the specific problem with the unit. Also note any advance estimate or special return shipping instructions.

Ship your Repair & Return unit to:

Specmo Enterprises, Inc.
c/o Repair and Return
1200 E. Avis
Madison Heights, MI 48071
(800) 545-7910

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