Again, our refurbishing was at capacity in the current Michigan location, and after a year or so of planning we made the move to another building of twice the capacity for a total of 32,000 square feet.

Meanwhile, our Flint retail location expanded once again in 1998.

In 2004 we installed a major enhancement to our radio refurbishing final test production process. Several ‘Alfa Testers’ as they are known in the industry were installed and linked to a main server of one of our vendors. Data could then be shared so that product reliability could be improved as quickly as possible.

2006 was another milestone for Specmo, as we saw our latest move into the largest new facility ever – over 64,000 square feet. This modern facility has been home to Specmo corporate since then, and remains the core operating center for all refurbishing services.

In that same year we took a vital step to improve the operations of our sister company, Motovicity, that had been operating in another one of our buildings within our industrial complex. Motovicity moved into our older 32,000 square foot facility to further advance its wholesale distribution of quality automotive performance parts and 12 volt electronics. Motovicity continues to be one of the country’s fastest growing and most successful automotive aftermarket distributors.

2007 was a year where technology in diagnostics was a prime focus. We put in place several state-of-the-art ‘cluster vision analyzers’, which improved accuracy and speed of the final refurbishing process for GM instrumentation.

2009 and beyond. We continually improve all areas of operations, infrastructure, quality levels and efficiencies, while seeking new ventures and partnerships with other companies for diversification and expansion of services.