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Specmo Quality Policy

The management and employees of SPECMO Enterprises are dedicated to continuous Quality and Customer Service.

Our goal is to meet or exceed customer expectations.
The Corporate Mindset

We have always cared for our employees as much as we have for our own well-being and as such, have always been characterized by our staff of dedicated men and women.

Being a mid-sized company allows for short communication routes and decision making, as well as practical solutions to problems presented to us from our vendors. This allows for unparalleled cooperation between our different departments. Specmo is quick to react to new standards or processes required by our customers. We truly function as a team.

We adhere to our own high quality standards and personal responsibility in doing our job properly to assure our finished product is of the highest quality possible. Our relaxed atmosphere and adherence to environmental protection and safety concerns, makes for a friendly, safe and comfortable workplace.

Some of the OEM vendors we currently service are General Motors, Delphi, Continental, Hyundai, LG Electronics, Fujitsu-Ten and NS International.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 certified company.